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Some quests cannot be finished in the demo!

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  • After waking up in the dung, you need to get rid of the filth.
  • Visit the tavern and get the soap from the kitchen’s tub.
  • Use the soap at the well outside. Now you can talk to people.
  • It is possible to advance a bit without talking, but eventually you need to fix this issue.
  • From the very beginning you have a debuff called Newcomer. This affects the selling prices so profoundly you actually can’t sell anything until it’s on you. After visiting 7 of the important Caer Maed areas, including your tavern room, it’ll be gone.
  • After paying the general store owner tons of money, you are directed to Shau who is supposed to have seen the guy who poisoned you. He or she (depending on your own gender) is situated in the Balky Lobster inn, behind a locked door. (Ayr Marsh)
  • You need to kill this person along with the bodyguards and pick up the stuff left behind. The badge in particular.
  • In the Lobster Inn, you run into a mysterious extraplanar entity. He will direct you to Tornbarrow enabling the related sea destination. He says, you need to visit Dirk Foxworth, the Merchant Lord of Tornbarrow.
  • In the very depth of the Vynblud stronghold, beyond the sleeping monster, there is a garbage pile in a room. You need to pick up a piece of spiffy robe from it.
  • Bring the robe piece to Nodeken who will identify it. Your item will change to the identified version.
  • In order to be able to travel in the world, you need to do the ship quest in Ayr Marsh. It will also update the plotline if Emily becomes ready to get you around.




  • If you complete Shau’s quest in Caer Maed, he will give you a family pendant to take to Ayr Marsh, the inn’s upstairs.
  • Once you have the Dark Elf’s badge (see above), head to Tornbarrow, where you must show it to Anyndur at the Crying Skeleton Tavern.
  • He will tell you about Wyledezour, the city of the dark elves (where they had many adventures in TH2). The teleportation will be arranged by Encris, if you have got rid of your eye problem. (You need a Potion of Ossecite)
  • In the center of Tornbarrow, you’ll need to talk to the candle maker so that you have something to talk about at Foxworth’s Mansion.
  • In the graveyard, you’re being stalked by red-robed mages and black-clad halflings (as in previous episodes). It’s disturbing and thought-provoking. Someone could be behind it all.
  • Once you’ve done the city guard commander’s quest, you can get into the Foxworth Mansion. You will then receive a commission from the merchant lord, followed by information on where you should go next. The place is called Goatrock Island.
  • On the island, Princess Aserac will assign you to various tasks. The goal is to obtain their codebook, which seems to be very important. After long quests, the book’s shocking secret will finally be revealed. And also Jay Foxworth’s.
  • Jay’s leaving, but it’s not clear where.
  • If you talk to Jay’s girlfriend afterwards, she’ll reluctantly give you Jay’s tie pin, which you can use to activate the magic ball on a nearby table.
  • With this device you can teleport to the pocket dimension of Jay’s master, Xao. Here you will find out what the background is. It’s either fight or persuasion, but you can move on from here. You can also come back later to defeat Xao if you want. (He has a rod that can get you into a secret lab in Tornbarrow Proper.
  • Either by fighting or talking, you can get Jay’s journal, reading which will open up new teleportation routes (Hix, Aengr)
  • According to the Tornbarrow Witch, you can get to Hafrartum (Tracus Plane of Existence), where the key is to meet the Weaver. To do this, you would first need a key to the Steamworks.
  • Down below you will find a dark elf cultist guarding a mound of earth. This mound blocks the way to the Weaver.
  • The mound of earth will be cleared by another sect, they are located in the Hafrartum House of Prayer.
  • You will then have to adventure a little in the Mirk Tunnelsuntil you finally reach the abode of the Weaver, a huge cave cavern.
  • The giant spider tells you that the key to the story is a certain Childe, whom you must find. He is imprisoned on the plane of Hix.


Caer Maed

A Sign of the Times

  • You are supposed to fix Adriana’s ruined sign outside the Open Casque tavern.
  • Pliers can be fetched in the Last Chance Gulch (Yard) either by buying/stealing it or persuade the owner to give it to you.
  • Nails can be obtained by dismantling the outhouse near Shau, using the Pliers. Charril, one of your companions, have nails too.
  • Boards can be purchased from the generic shop owner near the Casque.
  • Hammer can be stolen from the Sideline Supervisor in Caer Maed or fetched from the ruined wagon located in the Round Forest.

A World Level Distributor

  • This quest is bestowed by Encris Isenno, the wizard businessman in the CM yard.
  • Your task is to find a World Level Distributor for him.
  • Some shopkeepers in CM will react, but won’t help you nevertheless.
  • In order to get help, you need to travel to Tornbarrow and visit Elida Venn in the Meadows. She lives in her Gypsy Wagon.
  • There will be another run between her and Encris, but in the end both Encris and Elida will be very helpful.
  • Encris will become your teleport master if you want to travel through the multiverse.
  • Unfortunately, you have a serious poisoning which you have to get rid of before being able to use the teleporter.
  • This requires to finish another, rather complicated quest that takes you to the Underworld.

Books and Bards

  • The Caer Maed general shop owner, after giving him a ton of money, will send you to Rasul Erachi, the bard situated in the Yellow Mug.
  • You can sell him a couple of books you can find.
  • Also, he has some important ones, including the world famous Tortured Hearts by Anyndur Di’Malen.
  • If you find Anyndur in Tornbarrow, you can have the book autographed and sell it for various people. Or keep it for later use, mind you…
  • The possible buyers are: Golem Prototype, Angelique Foxworth, Princess Aserac, Hix Auctioneer, Evelene, Hafrartum Headmistress, Fortune Teller and who knows who else…

Cutthroat Competitors

  • In the yard of Caer Maed, there’s a vile, but harmless necromancer. He wants you to burn down the Astrologer’s tent outside.
  • This can be achieved via conversation with the Astrologer.
  • If you do this for the Necromancer, he will give you a fruit you can use on the hanged person near the Sideline Camp.

Darkling Seeds

  • This is a quest that comes up later in the game, after doing a couple of things. You will eventually see it.
  • Encris Isenno, the wizard businessman in Caer Maed, wants you to fetch some so-called Darkling Seeds.
  • For this you’ll need to bash the now appearing black crates and kill the thing that jumps out of it.
  • He will drop a seed.
  • Be prepared, these guys are tough.
  • Each seed slightly decreases the cost of interdimensional travel.

Down the rabbit hole

  • This is a simple fetch and carry quest to get the Astrologern 10 rabbit legs.
  • In order to do this you’ll probably need some levels of the Alchemist sideline skill.

Favor for the Bruddahs

  • After visiting the Orc Outpost, 3 tribals will appear in Caer Maed.
  • They poke fun of you all the time, but if you endure this, they eventually give you a task.
  • Since they are not allowed to enter the Yellow Mug, you’ll have to settle this between them and the Yellow Mug owner, Iatu.
  • The fetish they give you as a reward will come in handy later in Hafrartum.

Feud of Settlements

  • Adriana, the owner of the Open Casque can give you a quest of settling the feud between Caer Maed and Ayr Marsh.
  • This requires some conversation with the mayor of the seaside settlement.

Fool's Errand?

  • The veteran merc in the Casque will eventually give you a task to “check” the bigear corpses in the camp.
  • Doesn’t sound like a proper task…
  • You just need to click all the 8 corpses, however, all of them has a particular skill check, if a bit difficult.
  • If you can get through a check you’ll find something valuable.
  • Turning in the quest, even the merc will be surprised that you had the guts to do this.

Gruesome Job

  • This is the Caer Maed necromancer’s job to fetch him as many corpses (and the like) for him as you can.
  • This is a long run and you may get a Title in the end.
  • If you bring the corpse from the nearby wagon (story dependant), he will make his zombie bride out of her.

His Majesty, The Goblin

  • In the Magnetic Cave is a seedy goblin.
  • He claims himself to be a king and promises you a great reward if you help him.
  • You’ll have to find him a job somewhere in the world.
  • You can ask around taverns and inns, but most of them will reject you.
  • Finally, the owner of the Crying Skeleton in Tornbarrow will accept the guy.
  • This is part of a quest series, so you can expect more if it ends.

Humiliation Galore

  • Adriana’s husband wants you to water all the plants around the tavern.
  • He gives you a can that must be filled outside, at the well.
  • There are 10 plants, all of them will offer something interesting, either a skill check or a good find or a short conversation with a nearby person.
  • After some actions, your can will run out of water. Time to refill it.
  • One of the plant pots can be broken if your dexterity is too low. Depending on this, the outcome of the task is different.

Kitchen Run

  • Another quest from Adriana to keep you busy.
  • You have to bring her 10 breams.
  • If you’re not adept with fishing, it’ll be a slow process.

Lady Incognito

  • On the 2nd floor of the Casque, there’s a locked door guarded by a fierce guard.
  • If you want to pass him, you need to use your wits.
  • After some smart conversation, with the help of Osmoro, the bard, you can gain access.

Lingering Melody

  • After some searching on the dead celestial in Caer Maed (behind the smithy shed), you can find an ocarina.
  • At the same time, the Astrologer disappears.
  • Time to investigate. Ask around the place, many people will react. Even the pig and the horse if you can talk to animals.
  • After a while, the Astrologer will turn up again and concludes the quest. Nasty things are going underfoot…

Lost Fishing Buddy

  • Youm, the burned out officer of Sylfeung Adventuring Inc. is hanging out in the Last Chance Gulch.
  • In order to enable this quest, you need to talk to his squire, Zerad, outside.
  • The top ranger is missing his fishing buddy, Orvisus Rainmane. He was lost somewhere around the Orc Outpost.
  • You can find him behind the barricaded zone in the form of a ferret. If you get him the proper magic brew, he will drink it and go back to Youm. The ingredients are: Gnawed Troll Bones (Outpost Storage), Gooey Balm (Ratmaster), Etheral Essence (Ghost Village ruins), Snake Roots (Outpost). First of all though, you need the recipe from the rat shaman inside the barracks.

Magnetic Dreams

  • In the underground fortress of Caer Maed there is Redra Shaden, a gnome healer studying stuff in one of the chambers.
  • If you don’t pull the nearby lever, she’ll give
  • you the opportunity to hire her.
  • You have to get some magnet for her.
  • Where? In the Magnetic Cave, near the Goblin King, there is a lost bag.
  • If you actually pull the lever, you’ll be able to get down to the Hyena Pit located at the center.

Other Peoples' Loot

  • Hrar Stonebrow, a dwarf treasure hunter, will arrive to the CM camp a little later.
  • He’s a grumpy fellow but if you know what to say, he can give you a quest to get his loot back from the Valley of Grieve.
  • The loot was stolen.
  • If you happen to find it in the Valley, it’ll be stolen again. More than once.
  • Your task is to find the bag after each act.
  • Hrar will be satisfied if you can get him back the bag.

Pixie, the Guard

  • One of the dumb guards in Caer Maed, Pixie Moonshine, wants 10 Aro-Ara plant for his herbalist practices.
  • The task is similar to other sideline quests. Picking up some levels of Herbalist will greatly help.
  • If you are on good terms with him, you can buy a very useful, if expensive item from him which will serve you right until the end of the game.

Relic Hunt

  • The archeologist at Caer Maed wants you to find an orcish relic of great value.
  • The one you are looking for can be found at the Orc Outpost.
  • If done, you’ll be able to choose between a few items or get some money for it.
  • This guy, regardless of this quest, is accepting every manner of fossils. Also, for money.

Removing a Curse

  • There’s Tyrell Salinas in the yard of CM. He’s an evil druid who’s been cursed with a tail.
  • He may ask you to get something that is able to remove this vile curse.
  • There’s multiple solution to this, one of them is to get a potion from the adventuring team down in the Very Typical Dungeon.
  • In the end, his hound will be yours.
  • The hound will need something tasty. One of the rotten hands or bones will do.

Rural Nuances

  • On the Northern Road, there lives a peasant.
  • He’s anxious about his son who locked himself with a lizardman in their house.
  • You are supposed to do something with the lizardman issue.
  • You can either kill him or persuade the creature to leave.
  • Neither of them is easy, it is very possible that you’ll need a companion or you may want to develop your abilities.

Shapeshifting Tavernkeeper

  • Iatu, the owner of the Yellow Mug, is a strange fellow.
  • When you start a deeper conversation with him, he will turn into a werewolf.
  • You can find him in the Ghost Village.
  • Find a portion of Werewolf Slobber in the village and apply it to him.
  • He will return to the Mug and be ready at your service.

Shoplifters Beware!

  • The weapon shop owner in the Last Chance Gulch can commission you to get him 10 Opaque Cleptocites against thieves.
  • Although this is silly, an adventurer doesn’t become dumbfounded by things like this, right?

Stablemaster Lost

  • The boy running around the camp tells you that his cousin has gone missing.
  • The guy is held hostage in a nearby cave by the Northern Road.
  • Mop up the resistance in the cave and free him.
  • Don’t forget to loot the piled up treasures of the highwaymen.
  • From that on, after talking with the former prisoner, you can freely travel between CM and Ayr Marsh. On horseback.

The Countess' Concerns

  • The noble woman in the Casque wants you to find a proof of what might have happened in the Ghost Village in connection with Caer Maed.
  • There’s a female corpse in the Ghost Village you should check out.
  • The woman will be satisfied with the find and will give you a very nice, useful reward.
  • After that she departs.
  • Later, his father will appear on Hix, but only if this quest was done.

The Planeling's Girl

  • Charril is camping in Caer Maed.
  • He has the spectacular air ship.
  • After a long conversation he asks you to find his sister somewhere around Ayr Marsh.
  • You can find a small statuette in the inn of Ayr Marsh.
  • It’s the girl. Somebody turned her into this sorry state.
  • You can either work for the item or steal it.
  • Working will cost you experience points as opposing the basic principles of the Adventurer.
  • After you return the statuette, mostly because Charril’s air ship was stolen, he will join your team.
  • He has a handful of nails for one of Adriana’s quest and also, he’s quite adept at fighting and barding.
  • Later, much later, you can get his horns removed and find the stolen air ship.

The Vynblud Facility

  • This is a long quest arching through most of the game.
  • You can find a Vynblud personnel in the
  • Magnetic Cave.
  • He’s supervising an old golem facility there.
  • You can kill him for his key or talk him into giving it to you.
  • The key provides access to the Facility located at the center of the cave.
  • There is a hostile golem.
  • In order to make him friendly, you need to operate a contraption nearby.
  • The golem wants to express himself so he needs a couple of weird stuff.
  • First, he wants a new paint job.
  • The good one is the pink one. Yes.
  • Then he wants a fancy hat. You can buy one from Nodeken, the kobold taylor in Caer Maed.
  • After that he needs a lipstick. You can obtain one from the
  • Underworld, either from the shop or the Schoolmistress, if you kill her.
  • Then he needs a pair of high-heeled shoes. Yes. Move on. He’s not gonna use them, because he can’t.
  • There are 3 pair of shoes you can try: Concubine in the Yellow Mug, Kevi (Pikedale Castle), Princess Aserac. These latter are the ones you need.
  • If you use Kevi’s shoes, a shoe demon will appear out of nowhere asking for a footwear to enhance.
  • If you give the golem everything, the quest concludes.
  • As I said, this is a very long one.
  • If done, he may help you demolish the massive door nearby.

Too Much of a Good Thing

  • Tonesso, the Champ of the Treasure Hunter Camp, loves to surround himself with bootlickers.
  • One more never hurts.
  • If you say the right thing, he will ask you to get a top notch admirer.
  • The one you need is the SAI customer in the Round Forest, after he ends up in Tornbarrow. He’ll be found in the Harbor.
  • Problem is, the guy is so disgustingly loyal, that even Tonesso gets to hate him.
  • Your next task is to get rid of him.
  • Use your eloquence to do so.
  • Tonesso’s reward is generous. You can even get his title…
  • Regardless of the quest, if you say something else at the crucial point, you can fight Tonesso in the arena for his title and stuff. Good luck for that, because he’s a toughie.
  • If you happen to finish the quest of the Ayr Marsh wizard (nose piercing), the item you can find in his chest will make the fight much easier.

Treasure for the Half-Orc

  • Shau, the bulky half-orc in the yard of CM, wants you to find some shiny he could boast with.
  • There is a mask on the ground in the Very Typical Dungeon. This is what you need, but the monster guarding it is not one of the weakest ones.
  • Also, you can have it examined by the archeologist before giving it up.
  • After finishing the quest, Shau, being a plot character, will help you advance the PLOTLINE.

Trite and True Treasure

  • If you do Eugene’s quest in the Open Casque, you can find a treasure map in one of the pots.
  • After using it, a digable spot activates in the Valley of Grieve, behind the Monastery.
  • As soon as you find it, the quest concludes.
  • Enjoy the loot.

Turnip Run

  • If you can talk with him (skill needed), the pig at the starting point will give you a task to fetch 3 turnips.
  • The locations are: Open Casque floor level (bowl), place behind the Sideline Camp, shop of the Healer Woman.

Weapon Business

  • Marshall in the Last Chance Gulch can give you a quest to find a very special weapon.
  • This is a very long quest, you can only find that particular weapon in the later stages of the game. (Blade of the Universe)
  • You can squeeze a lot of money out of him, even more with some bargain skill and he will also give you a very useful item that helps you with carrying capacity.
Ayr Marsh

A Tiny Thief

  • The nose piercing (yes) of the Ayr Marsh wizard has gone missing.
  • Somebody stole it, he suscpects it was a critter.
  • First you should investigate the Ghost Village and the storage lair in particular.
  • You can find a room key there which opens a door in the inn of Ayr Marsh.
  • In the room you can find the item in question.
  • Bring it back and you can decide whether you keep it or not.

Can Loot Jerks be Saved?

  • In the Balky Lobster inn (Ayr Marsh), you can meet a die-hard adventurer who loves loot, but can’t get any.
  • You can solve his problem in various ways, depending on what you choose.
  • The book can be fetched in Caer Maed from Erachi.
  • If you get him killed, you can sell his corpse to the necromancer.

Down to Earth Problems

  • This is an important pre-quest of the plotline.
  • When you arrive to Ayr Marsh, there’s a striking issue. The lighthouse is levitating on the shore.
  • If you ask around, people have strange ideas about how it should be solved.
  • One of the less stupid ones is to haul a catapult to the tower and launch yourself up to save those inside.
  • The catapult is in Caer Maed and there are a few ways to get it to Ayr
  • Marsh. If you have enough members, you can do it on your own, if not, you’ll need to hire some help. The merc in the yard will do.
  • You almost do the stupidest thing in your life, but suddenly, in the last moment, you’ll change your mind and you’ll have to blame the person who’s really responsible: the wizard.
  • Now he gives you a task to break Snylldra crystals all over the land.
  • If you’re done, he will bring down the lighthouse and you can meet Emily, the ship captain, inside.
  • She has a ship you could use, but it’s in a serious disrepair.
  • You’ll have to get good materials to be able to fix it.

I, Ratcatcher!

  • This is the classic task of the seasoned adventurer: cellear cleaning. From rats.
  • The carpenter of Ayr Marsh is so afraid to ask you but you do it nevertheless.
  • Those rats however are very though. You’ll probably need a good team to beat the crap out them.
  • If done, the carpenter will be much more helpful.
  • This is a prequest of the plotline.

In Need of a Ship

  • This is the follow up of the lighthouse problem.
  • You need materials for Emily’s ship.
  • Here comes the carpenter. If you do his cellar cleaning quest, he will help you with the planks.
  • After this, Emily gets ready at the ship to take you anywhere you want.
  • This is where the demo actually ends.

Literacy for the Masses

  • Colin, the libro-barbarian is a strange guy. Instead of whacking stuff, he wants to promote literacy in Ayr Marsh, but the mayor is not keen on the idea.
  • You can get a quest from Colin to hang flyers on objects all over the settlement, but some of them may prove problematic. The mayor’s sign in particular.
  • If you manage to do this, he’ll ask you to get him a woman.
    That task is harder because the person in question will appear much later in the game. On the plane of Hix.

Mole Rampage

  • There’s a decent house opposite the inn.
  • A sea captain is living there.
  • He tells you he’s been having problems with moles.
  • Due to their activity, a huge rock appeared in the house.
  • You are supposed to bash it into oblivion.
  • This “quest” requires a mining pick that is used by sideliners.

Ore Stew... What the hell...

  • This is the quest of the Lobster’s owner.
  • You’re supposed to fetch 10 lithine ores for his revolutionary ore stew.
  • As usual, this kind of quest is easier if you have some levels in mining.

Suspicious Portal

  • This is a short quest in the huge cavern under Ayr Marsh.
  • It starts when you actually stumble upon a blue portal in one of the niches of the maze.
  • Time to report it to the right person, the Tan-Kuan leader.
  • Although not immediately connected to this quest, but you can find a special aquatic crystal on the ground somewhere in the cave. It is needed to use the teleporters throughout the place. With the help of it, you can drastically speed up traversing in the cave.

The Barren Woman's Misery

  • The peasant couple in Ayr Marsh can’t have any children. They think the woman is barren.
  • After some conversation they agree on adopting one, you should just arrange this as best as you can.
  • In the undead-ridden Ghost Village, you can find a baby.
  • Give the baby to the couple and they’ll be happy ever after. Sort of.
  • Later, when you find a person on the Tornbarrow Meadows, he tells you that something bad happened in Ayr Marsh.
  • The baby became an undead and kidnapped his new parents. They are in the Ghost Village now.
  • You are supposed to defeat the big ugly thing and the couple returns to their house.
  • The conclusion will be surprising…

The Eternal Ratcatcher

  • This quest is bestowed by the Tan-Kuan leader down in the cavern of Ayr Marsh.
  • Your task is to defeat the Ratmaster who’s been pestering the neighborhood for a long time.
  • This is a fairly difficult one, because the Ratmaster is not alone. She has a pet, too.
    You’ll probably need Tier2 equipment and a great deal of expertise.
  • If you bring the Ratmaster’s head back to the Tan-Kuan contingent, they’ll cook it.
  • Yes, it’s disgusting, but it’ll come in handy soon…

Tomorrow never dies

  • This is connected with the Eternal Ratcacher quest. You can’t advance this, until it’s done.
  • In the Ayr Marsh cavern, you can find a very suspicious Tan-Kuan book examiner. Whatever that means.
  • If you bring the Ratmaster Souffle (made from the Ratmaster’s head) to this particular Tan-Kuan, he reveals himself as a half-orc, drops a bag and runs away.
  • The bag contains a key that can be used in the Tornbarrow SAI office, down in the basement.