On this page you can get an overview of the writings of Zoltán Gonda, the designer of the game Newcomer. The author is mainly into science fiction and fantasy. His favorite subject is futurism, from an economic, social and technological point of view. His characters are also flesh and blood, not classical heroes, who in their own way become heroes because of the difficulties of the situation. The stories expose the characters to many trials and tribulations, many of them failing to cope with the obstacles. Those who survive in the end can truly say that they have stood up for themselves and for others. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer of these people, so it is good to meet them, at least in books. Good reading!


Dystopic sci-fi set in the near future. A great escape from a penal colony

Origin - Eredet

A risky and important mission on the moon Titan, revealing ancient secrets.

Necropolitan - Nekropolita

Grim sci-fi about a bunch of desperados who seek a brighter future.

Watchers of the Universe Sci-fi roleplaying system

Anunnaki themed, epic, interplanetary rpg. One of a kind...