Tortured Hearts is a quasi-sequel of two NWN1 mods, made between 2001 and 2007. This particular game started off as the 3rd one, but after a while I decided to make a commercial product out of it. It took 12.5 years to finish because it's not very easy to create games of this scope alone. Ok, not entirely alone, because I've had help from a few others. Thank you Tony (Pixelcrushers, see link below) & Myce (Miklós Hámor) in particular.
In order to clarify: this standalone game has NOTHING to do with NWN 1. It's my own game developed using the Unity Game Engine. As a matter of fact, it was a very difficult run because basically I had to recreate most of the game features of NWN 1. The prototype was made in the Aurora Toolset for 4 years and tony made me a tool that can convert NWN 1 conversations so that I can use them in Unity. An awesome piece of software indeed.
The game is hardcore on purpose, it doesn't want to appeal to everyone. It is difficult and long. The story is heavily non-linear, there is no modern handholding. You have to read lots of texts that feature complex sentences. Your choices have consequences and there are multi solutions for many situations. These are exactly the qualities that are required by a solid rpg in my opinion. Just like in the "olden times", back in the 80s and 90s.