For the 3rd iteraton of the game, a new programmer named Zsolt Kajtar, joined us. He is an extremely skilled bitwizard who practically rewrote the entire game engine so the new stuff could actually fit in the memory. The ultimate version finally began to support NTSC and the SuperCPU, including hard disk.
The project got out of the hand of the original lead and was took over by Istvan "Hoild" Belanszky. Under his command, the game was nicely developing. Me, Zoltán, played the game in 2006 and didn't find any particular issue. Yet there was one, but nobody was aware.
The development got slowed until, finally, after many years, in 2012 it completely stopped due to a very nasty bug which made istan completely frustrated and disillusioned. As a result, Ultimate Newcomer aka UNC has never been finished. This is why, me, Zoltán, decided to take steps  in 2018. See Newcomer Gold...