Newcomer Gold is a courageous attempt to recreate the game from scratch for the PC. Zoltán uses the Unity Game Engine for this task, working alone. This is a difficult endeavour because there are other projects too that need to be worked on if you want to make both ends meet.
Let's see what has been done so far.All areas, interactive objects are created as placeholders. This  helps with testing. Code is about 80 percent done, except combat. Practically every single game feature works already. ID-fying of original text is done (5 nov 2021).
Mockup picture made by Csaba Fóris back in the day. Currently, I can't show you anything spectacular, although lots of work has already gone into it.
As you can guess, without your material help, Newcomer Gold will never be realized. This is a project of love, but needs some funds to buy assets and pay artists. Visit the facebook page for more information in the header. Thank you!